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G+ Economics is one of the market’s leading professional market economics consultancies operating in economic trend forecasting, policy-specific and financial macro risk analysis specialising in G7 market economics and G20 systemic risk and thematic trends research. Specialised in global macro, market and analysis, G+ Market Economics is a sole trademark of G+ Economics.


G+ Economics is headed by Lena Komileva, an accomplished widely recognised City-based international economist with 15 years of experience as global G10 head of research at one of the two largest inter-dealer brokers in the world, the oldest US private bank and a 137yr-old German investment bank.


Our readership network includes public sector treasury managers, central bank analysts, private wealth managers, hedge funds, market intermediaries, bank traders, risk officers, portfolio managers, public sector and corporate treasurers, and inter-government institutions and media opinion-leaders.

Our philosophy: G+=ME^20

G+ Is Global Market Economics. Our research psychology is rooted in the principles of fundamental analysis and market intelligence. 


We pride ourselves on providing our customers the best service available in the market and as such are delighted to introduce the opportunity to access our range of leading edge service solutions to a wider audience of expert investors and policy makers.


Client benefits include:


• Strategic Positioning and Tactical Portfolio Analysis

• Strategic Economic Advisory

• Capital Market Analysis

• Policy Analysis

• Scenario Based Economic Forecasting

• Market and Product Expansion Evaluation

• Risk Management

• High Net Worth Investor Relations


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G+ Economics research in the news

Bloomberg TV: What Will Unemployment Data Tell About U.S. Economy?

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Question the conventional wisdom of the day. We believe that, whatever the market climate, understanding global economic trends and financial links creates ample opportunities to generate long-term wealth.  

In the news:

Finantial Times: Stocks jump after China cuts rates (21/11/14)

The Washington Post / Bloomberg: Draghi Ramps Up ECB Stimulus Pledge as Inflation Outlook Weakens (21/11/14)

The Wall Street Journal: ECB Needs More Voices, Greater Transparency to Save Euro (06/11/14)

Bloomberg: ECB Drops Anchor as Deflation Looms (03/10/14) - Lena Komileva of G+ Economics was the first economist in the market to highlight that the ECB has dropped its historic reference to "anchored" inflation expectations.

International Business Times: Scottish Independence: As Banks Make Dire Warnings, Economists Wait For Details (12/09/14)

New York Times: Risk of recession looms in anemic Eurozone (15/08/14)


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