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As a City of London economist, Lena Komileva has advised professional investors and policy makers across industries, government and international media for over 15 years.


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G+ Economics: Industry Engagements

Lena Komileva speaking at the Luxembourg Financial Forum, Investment consultancy, Financial advisory, Independent economic research, market economics, Macro market risk advisory, Lena Komileva, G Plus "The art of successful investing is predicting the direction of macro risk travel" Komileva 2011
  Industry Engagement City Date

- Special economic address “Global Imbalances in a Strong USD World” Bloomberg Commodities Conference 

London October 2016

- Speaking at the annual CEO Summit, IAIR Awards: "From cybercrime to political instability: challenges and solutions" 

London October 2016
- MIFID II and The City after Brexit: What Next? A special report for MIFID Industry Conference London September 2016

- Keynote cross-asset strategy address to international fund managers conference in Munich, Germany

Munich April 2016
- Keynote global macro address to Spanish asset allocators summit Madrid

March 2016

- UK Economy and Policy Outlook address to the UK General Government and Public Pension Funds summit London March 2016
- Keynote economic address at Swiss fund manager and family offices conferences, Switzerland Geneva February 2016
- Keynote economic address to Swiss fund managers and family offices Zurich February 2016

- Chair, Global CFA Institute’s Annual European Investment Conference

London November 2015

- Economic address at the Milan Fixed Income Forum for Italian pension fund managers

Milan October 2015

Citywire Milan Fixed Income 2015-2016:

Lena Komileva's three main themes


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G+ Economics is one of the market’s leading professional market economics consultancies operating in economic trend forecasting, policy-specific and financial macro risk analysis specialising in G7 market economics and G20 systemic risk and thematic trends research. Specialised in global macro, market and analysis, G+ Market Economics is a sole trademark of G+ Economics.


G+ Economics is headed by Lena Komileva, an accomplished widely recognised City-based international economist with 15 years of experience as global G10 head of research at one of the two largest inter-dealer brokers in the world, the oldest US private bank and a 137yr-old German investment bank.


We advise professional investors and policy makers across industries and government, internationally, and maintain an extensive global network of fund managers, central bank officials, regulators, private wealth managers, hedge funds, market intermediaries, bank traders, risk officers, portfolio managers, public sector and corporate treasurers, and media opinion-leaders. 

Bloomberg Surveillance Economist Insight: The Structural Flipside of IMF's 'New Normal'

G+Economics: Our Philosophy

G+ Macro-Market Strategy

G+ is Global Market Economics. Our research psychology is rooted in the principles of fundamental analysis and market intelligence. 


We pride ourselves on providing our customers the best service available in the market and as such are delighted to introduce the opportunity to access our range of leading edge service solutions to a wider audience of expert investors and policy makers.


• Strategic Positioning and Tactical Portfolio Analysis

• Strategic Economic Advisory

• Capital Market Analysis

• Policy Analysis

• Scenario Based Economic Forecasting

• Market and Product Expansion Evaluation

• Risk Management

• High Net Worth Investor Relations


G+Economics: Industry & Media

Chairing the CFA Institute European Investment Conference, London 2015

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Keynote Economic Address, European Pension Funds Fixed Income Forum, Milan 2015

  1. How China’s economic miracle could end in domino effects on global growth
  2. What will happen the day after the Fed raises interest rates?
  3. How effective is the ECB’s QE for European growth? 

The level of leverage swelling in the Chinese economy could lead to a lasting period of painful deleveraging, emitting global disinflation risk via a cheaper yuan, depressed commodity prices and slowing global trade growth.


That is according to Lena Komileva, the keynote speaker at Milan's Fixed Income Forum in October 2015.


In this video, Komileva also discusses the impact of a Fed interest rate hike on global markets and the real effectiveness of the ECB's quantitative easing (Citywire, 2015).

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G+Economics: Ahead of the Curve

Bloomberg Markets: Financial Stability - Central Banks' Third Mandate

European CEO: The Eurozone crisis isn’t going away any time soon

European CEO caught up with Lena Komileva of G+ Economics during the CFA Institute European Investment Conference, London 2015  to find out where the trouble spots are for the Eurozone and what countries are leading its economic recovery. Jenny Hammond interviews.


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Bloomberg TV: Greece Is More Out Than In the Euro Zone - Komileva 

Bloomberg TV: Markets Are Underpricing Risk of a Rate Hike: Komileva

Portugal’s Jornal de Negócios: Komileva: ECB "will extend stimulus beyond 2016" (10/06/15)

Portugal’s Jornal de Negócios: Komileva: ECB "will extend stimulus" beyond 2016 (10/06/15)
Interview with Portugal’s Jornal de Negócios: Lena Komileva recognizes that the ECB's measures are already having an impact, but doubts that when we get to September 2016 inflation is 2% and there is full employment in the eurozone.
Portugal CFA article.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [841.9 KB]

BBC Radio 4 "Today" programme: Could Greece leave the eurozone?

Bloomberg TV: Komileva - Why I'm Optimistic About Europe 

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Bloomberg TV: Negative Interest Rates: a Risky Move for the BoJ? Lena Komileva, managing director and chief economist at G Plus Economics, discusses the Bank of Japan adopting negative interest rates and what it means for the economy. She speaks to Bloomberg's Anna Edwards and Manus Cranny. (29/01/16)


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BBC Breakfast: The Greek election result 26 Jan 15 -"What Syriza is proposing is radical, but there's no certainty about how it can be funded"

Bloomberg TV: Komileva says Russian economy is in transition


The art of successful investing is predicting the direction of macro risk travel. Find the signal from the noise and rediscover your focus >>>

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