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Lena Komileva is a market economist with over a decade of experience as Head of US, UK and Eurozone Economics and Strategy in the City of London, managing research across three continents for the largest European government bonds broker and one of the two largest universal brokers in the world, the oldest US private bank and a 137yr-old German investment bank.


A recognised market authority on the G8, Lena focuses her commentary on US, UK and Eurozone economies, with the ability to translate economic and market developments into easy-to-understand policy and business implications. Highly perceptive of risk evolution in financial markets at global/G20 level and issues affecting UK policy and the domestic economy, with particular experise on the global banking crisis, the Eurozone debt crisis and and global developments affecting emerging markets. 


A prolific and widely recognised economist, Lena is frequently quoted by Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Financial Times, BBC News, BBC World, BBC Radio 4 "Today" programme, BBC 5Live, CNBC, Sky News, Dow Jones Newswires, The Wall Street Journal, Nikkei, US NPR, China Central Television, Canada's BNN. Columnist for the Financial Times, Bloomberg Brief, Reuters Insider, FX Week, FX&MM Magazine, the IFR.

G+ Economics Industry Engagements

Investment consultancy, Financial advisory, Independent economic research, market economics, Macro market risk advisory, Lena Komileva, G Plus Economics, Top UK economist, Best UK economic research co Luxembourg Financial Forum, Luxembourg
  • Bloomberg FX Summits
  • Bloomberg Risk Summits
  • UK Treasury/ Local Authority/ Pension Fund conferences
  • The Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI)
  • Institute of Economic Analysis (IEA)
  • Association of Foreign Banks (AFB)
  • 100 Women in Hedge Funds
  • Moody’s Rating Agency
  • Marcus Evans Conferences
  • Citywire
  • Euromoney Risk conferences
  • GAIM USA - Alternative Investments
  • The ACI World Forex Congress
  • The Luxembourg Financial Forum  


 2016-2017  Industry Events City Date
- CFA Society Luxembourg keynote speaker presenting on "The Future of Finance" Luxembourg May 2017
- CFA Society Finland presentation on "The Future of Finance"  Helsinki  May 2017
- CFA Society Denmark presentation on "The Future of Finance" Copenhagen May 2017
- Key economics address at the UK Broker CEO Summit 2017, “Prepare for change”  Pennyhill Park, UK  March 2017
- Chairing the Chief Economist panel at the FX Invest Europe Conference 2017  Zurich February 2017
- Chairing the Chief Economist Panel at the annual FX Week Europe Conference London November 2016

-  Chairing the Fund Managers’ Emerging Markets panel at the annual FX Week Europe Conference

London November 2016

- Global economist presentation at the annual Cash and Liquidity Optimisation Europe Conference”

London November 2016

- Special economic address “Global Imbalances in a Strong USD World” Bloomberg Commodities Conference 

London October 2016

- Speaking at the annual CEO Summit, IAIR Awards: "From cybercrime to political instability: Challenges and solutions" 

London October 2016
- MIFID II and The City after Brexit: What Next? A special report for MIFID Industry Conference London September 2016

- Keynote cross-asset strategy address to international fund managers conference in Munich, Germany

Munich April 2016
- Keynote global macro address to Spanish asset allocators summit Madrid

March 2016

- UK Economy and Policy Outlook address to the UK General Government and Public Pension Funds summit London March 2016
- Keynote economic address at Swiss fund manager and family offices conferences, Switzerland Geneva February 2016
- Keynote economic address to Swiss fund managers and family offices Zurich February 2016

Conferences and Seminars (2012-2015):


Chaired day two of the CFA Institute European Investment Conference, 2016

Chaired seminars with Anne Richards, chief investment officer and head of the EMEA region at Aberdeen Asset Management, and Tim Harford is a behavioural economist and columnist at the Financial Times  


Presented keynote address at the Citywire Fixed Income Forum

  BoE rountable on UK economy and monetary policy   London

Presented the keynote economic address for the CFA Institute conferences in Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Greece: “Volatility is back: A macro perspective”


Nicosia, Athens, Madrid, Lisbon 


Speaker at Prospect Magazine's first General Election 2015 debate titled “Austerity: who's right?” on a panel with Paul Johnson, Director of the institute for Fiscal Studies, and George Magnus, economist and author  

  Speaker at CSFI "Global Currency Wars" round table   London
  Speaker at the Bloomberg FX12 Summit   London
  GLG seminar on money markets and new UK regulation   international
  ECB economists summit   Frankfurt
  Speaker at the 51st ACI Financial Markets World Congress    Dubai
  Speaker at Bloomberg Link Sovereign Debt Conference    Frankfurt 
  Delivered keynote address on the global economic outlook 2012 alongside Kristin Forbes, MIT at GAIM USA Hedge Funds Conference 2012   Boca Raton, Florida
  Organised a Davos-style economics panel for fund managers commisioned by the Securities Association of China, joined by colleagues from the IMF, the FSB and Bloomberg/Oxford University   London 
  CSFI think tank round table discussion on the ECB and the sovereign debt crisis    London
  ECB economists summit    Frankfurt
  Speaker at the Bloomberg FX11 Summit    London
  Speaker on Eurozone crisis at Luxembourg Financial Forum    Luxembourg
  Speaker at Bloomberg Link conference on sovereign debt crisis    New York
  Closed door meetings with senior policy officials from US Fed, ECB, CB Malaysia, Qatar, Oman, South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, Latvia, Iceland, Czech Republic    
  BoE rountable on UK economy and monetary policy    London
  Speaker at CIPFA Central Government Finance conference    London
  Speaker at Marcus Evans Sovereign Risk Management Crisis conference    London
  ECB economists summit    Frankfurt
  Speaker at UK National Treasury Risk Study summit    Manchester
  Speaker at Bloomberg Link conference on sovereign debt crisis    London
  Speaker at an evening seminar organised by 100W Hedge Funds and Moody's    London
  Speaker at CIPFA Treasury Management conference     London
  Speaker at a CSFI panel discussion on securitisation alongside Rick Watson, ESF, and Peter Thal-Larsen, Reuters Breakingviews    London
  Speaker at Institute of Economic Analysis conference on money and credit markets    London

Selected interviews

Chair, CFA Institute European Investment Conference, London 2015

For media requests and  public engagements please email

g+economics in the news  Komileva: selected articles 

Keynote Economic Address, European Pension Funds Fixed Income Forum, Milan 2015

  1. How China’s economic miracle could end in domino effects on global growth
  2. What will happen the day after the Fed raises interest rates?
  3. How effective is the ECB’s QE for European growth? 

European CEO: The Eurozone crisis isn’t going away any time soon

European CEO caught up with Lena Komileva of G+ Economics during the CFA Institute European Investment Conference, London 2015  to find out where the trouble spots are for the Eurozone and what countries are leading its economic recovery. Jenny Hammond interviews.


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