Selected press articles


You are too complacent, central banks warn markets, Financial Times, 31 July 2017 


Talking Point: Prospects mixed for second half, Financial Times, 4 July 2013


Carney's 'forward guidance' baptism of fire at BoEFinancial Times, 9 August 2013


Italian poll disarms the ECB’s big bazookaFinancial Times, 28 February 2013


Currency fireworks, global economic imbalances and the G20, Bloomberg View, 18 February 2013 (request a copy)


On the need for Davos attendees to avoid a false sense of security, Bloomberg View, 23 January 2013 (request a copy)


How long can equities defy economic malaise? Financial Times, September 2012 


How Low Will Bond Yields Go? Financial Times, June 2012


Libor volatility is price of disrupted credit, Financial Times, August 2010


Not a liquidity crisis, but a solvency one, Financial Times, June 2010


How to fix the liquidity leak, Financial Times, February 2009 


Can the capital markets rally reinvigorate the real economy? Financial Times, September 2009


How G20 can unfreeze credit and cut bailout costs, The Great Debate, Thomson Reuters, April 2009


Crash and carry, Lena Komileva predicts a sharp reversal of the global carry trade, FX Week, 17 March 2008

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g+economics in the news:

FT View: You are too complacent (31/07/17) 

Bloomberg News: Fed Deluge of Dots and Discord Leaves Global Markets Baffled (13/09/16) 


Il Sole 24 Ore: Draghi tiene in pausa il nuovo QE (09/09/16)


FT: Euro firmer on lack of QE extension talk (08/09/16)


The Guardian: Business Live (08/09/16) 


Nasdaq: FTSE 100 Rises, Supported By Commodity, Bank Stocks (08/09/16) 


The art of successful investing is predicting the direction of macro risk travel. Find the signal from the noise and rediscover your focus >>>

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