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G+ Economics, the investment research firm headed by City economist Lena Komileva, provides integrated research and analytical services to professional clients in the international financial sector.  



A changing global economic and markets landscape since the Great Crisis has challenged conventional assumptions about:


G+      The economic cycle and its impact on asset prices,

G+      Market liquidity, volatility, financial risk premia and policy implications,

G+      Market infrastructures, regulation and global capital flows between emerging and developed markets.



As an independent economics and investment strategy consultancy, cutting-edge market intelligence  is our brand. 


We are delighted to introduce the opportunity to access our range of leading research and consultancy solutions to a wider audience of institutional clients, public sector professionals and private clients.

  • Strategic advisory

Our primary focus is the value of our client partnerships. We base our selection of professional consultants and policy advisers solely on their expertise in their field. In this way we circumvent traditional institutional and market constraints of research cost and industry/political bias to provide the highest proficiency in all matters concerning economic research and investment strategy on which we advise our clients.

  • Research

Short-term portfolio optimisation and a consistent analytical track record define our work. Our independence allows us to be flexible, creative and to safeguard the quality and copyright of our research, while ensuring that our clients' objectives are achieved.

  • Public engagements

We pay great attention to the public commitments that we undertake for our clients and our media and industry partners.  

Lead the consensus

Demand better! We believe that, whatever the market climate, understanding global economic trends and financial links can generate ample opportunities, while developing creative and cost-effective risk management solutions. 


G+ Economics is designed to preserve the integrity of our content. Our investment psychology is grounded in a combination of cyclical, structural, financial, policy and behavioural economics.


Invest time wisely. Standardised, off-the-shelve research solutions can seem cost-effective, but they will cost you opportunity, brand value and customer loyalty. We work with our clients in those areas that make the difference to fulfill mandates, develop sharp thematic insight and strategic portfolio focus, and to protect macro investment leadership.


Demand better!

Demand better!

Question the conventional wisdom of the day. Whatever the macro-risk financial climate, global economic trends and financial links generate opportunities for growth. The art of successful investing is predicting the direction of macro risk travel >>>

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The art of successful investing is predicting the direction of macro risk travel. Find the signal from the noise and rediscover your focus >>>

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